To Cook For from mercedes boronat on Vimeo.


(Performance, 13 performers. Palo Alto, Barcelona, 2010)

To Cook For, the third performance of the trilogy is a culinary ritual, in which the performers acquire full awareness of their being. The art of gastronomy has at least two dimensions. The first is the need to feed and refers to what is essential to life, whereas the second has to do with creativity, pleasure and tasting what is delicious, involving not only the cook, the creator, but also and above all the one who gets and tastes the creation’s outcome.

Mercedes Boronat uses these two dimensions by introducing the gift of generosity as a virtue that is acquired after the shaping of the spirit and that finally results in the unconditional donation to the Other. In this specific case, the Other is the audience, that after having witnessed a meticulous culinary creation of an ethereal and invisible food cooked by actors that are guided by the orders of a chef. These actors finally ask for the audience to taste the result of the process, and to put into their mouth the material outcome of their creations.

This action once again refers to the creation as the fulfillment by means of the body. Creation in the sense of generating something out of “nothing”, this time focusing on gastronomy, a field that stimulates each one of the senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch).

The stage conditions contribute with interesting concepts to the reflections about the learning of both body and mind, as the action happens in darkness and only lit by headlamps that are handed to the members of the audience at the entrance, and by the performer’s lamps, which are attached to their chef’s hats. The atmosphere turns magical, subtile, and favours the interplay between the visible and the invisible, metaphors of materiality and spirituality. These metaphors remain present over the course of the performance, in every gesture and in the way they handle invisible ingredients, textures, smells and tastes, which become a reality in the end by a generous gesture towards the audience who illuminated, that is, enlightened, the event.

The performance is perceived as a beautiful free choreography – as it is cooking – performed in a delicate and thoughtful gesture control already free from ties, prejudices and fully aware of its potentiality and naturality. The performers feel through their body movement: they enjoy, laugh and spread their liberation, and furthermore they finally and ultimately become aware of their own being.

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