Butterfly from mercedes boronat on Vimeo.


(Performance, 6 performers. Centro de las Artes, Sevilla, 2008)

*with the colaboration of: l’Institut de Cultura de l’Ajuntamient de Barcelona, Institut Ramón Llull, La Porta and centro de creación l’Estruch de Sabadell.

Butterfly explores the liberation from restraints through a process of transformation. From the classical metaphor of the butterfly metamorphosis, Boronat suggests an analogous process to stress the critical periods of human existence. As in every reflection of change and transformation, the temporal dimension is implicitly mentioned. Considering that every transformation implies making a progress, Mercedes Boronat beautifully represents the transition allegory by dividing the theatre space.

The performance develops as a chaotic trip by six performers around ten different small stage areas representing ten stages in the metamorphical process each one of them undergoes. Within this transition, there are many different paces and flows. The actors flow and often interact and overlap in the different stages of their own mutation, as it happens in any real-life experience.

As in any of the works by Boronat, the progress experienced by the performers is based on body movement, only now it is crucial and directly related to what the artist wants to communicate. Movement is considered a means of attaining any mental, physical or spiritual status, and also of generating a transition. That is, space and time come together in a bodily experience.

Despite the body control every performer has over himself, performances often have life of its own, for performer’s experiences are improvisations and artists ignore the development of their metamorphosis in relation to the other performers. Transformations occur, then, in multiple directions. Every performer frees himself from his role as he moves forward by the stage divisions. At the same time, the collective undergoes permanent, unforeseen and random mutations that sometimes recquire interaction and invasion of “someone else’s” spaces. All the energy generated within the performance, nonetheless, generates changing interactions towards and in the space. Finally, as the performance goes on, the audience gradually mutates its perception on it, and they establish an emotional bond towards the performance and the action that is being attended. Therefore, the metaphorical transformation that had preset parameters becomes eventually a free, independent and fully real event of experiencing change.

Butterfly is a ritual performative event, as it derives from a series of actions with a highly symbolic purpose, and it materializes through the movement of the body as a means to personal and collective liberation by a physical transition in space, a tangible evolution through different states of awareness.


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