International Summer Worshop en Barcelona

International Summer Worshop in Barcelona 

intensive workshop with Mercedes Boronat

  • from Juny 30th to July 5th 
  • HANGAR  (Barcelona, Spain)
  • from Monday to Saturday  from 9AM to 3PM (36 hours)
  • price 300 €
Mercedes Boronat propose a performative week dedicated to daily practice BE PRESENT 
Mercedes Boronat offers dancers, actors and performers the tools to create  driving directly confronted participants with creative practice in public spaces.
In recent years Mercedes Boronat has conducted intensive workshop of one week in Menorca and New York  about performance practices promoting participants to make performances in the natural environment (such as beaches or forests in Menorca) or spaces so full of meaning as Central Station or PS1 in New York
This year over a week in Barcelona she will work about creating in space and present time.
. 3 days preparation in Hangar (center of contemporary art Barcelona) to practice the method Keep Moving
.Three days dedicated to the realization of Site Specific creations in 3 iconic, inspiring and creative spaces of Barcelona, ​​such as Poblenou Central Park, designed by French architect Jean Nouvell

.KEEP MOVING creativity in motion.

Mercedes Boronat creates an innovative method for the development of creativity in movement that allows any dancer, actor, performer be free tensions on the stage, insecurities and locks, getting to be spontaneous, creative, resourceful and aware. 

The KEEP MOVING method activates the body and prepare to be available to move and act spontaneously and meaningful.
 KEEP MOVING is a practice that expands the meaning of the movement, having awareness of oneself in time and space, as well as what is meant acting.
Investigating Movement | Performance Artist | Activist Energy | Stage Manager | Pedagogy |
Three decades the artist Mercedes Boronat researches, explores and reflects professionally in the field of movement as a creator, educator and artist does.
From this through investigation flowers Keep Moving, creative practice that merges western modern and contemporary arts and techniques with eastern philosophies and arts. 
 Mercedes, in her daily practice has discovered, observed and done move the energy of over 3,000 movers, actors, architects, children, choreographers, dancers, filmmakers, singers, teachers, artists, performers, playwrights, adolescents and others.
 She has shared her work in different cities such as Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Lisbon, Madrid, Sevilla, Menorca, Marrakech, New York. Recently taught courses in El Graner Keep Moving – Creation Center; L’Estruch – Factory Building for performing arts; HANGAR.ORG – Production and Research Center for the visual arts Espai Erre.
 Since 2000 develops her projects in Barcelona, ​​in the Mansion Of Boro: Creative center for research of motion.


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