The Consciousness of Movement in Present Time 

an original method created by Mercedes Boronat



That means to focus the body in his consciousness availability,  body ready and open to act, nonjudgmental, creative and fluid. Connected and more intuitive than conceptual.

Working the “Total Body” not blocked in the rational thoughts and questioning the separation that society has been doing between the creative, the energetic, physical, mental, emotional bodies. KEEP MOVING propose the creative dialogue and alignment between this “bodies”, to prepare and build an acting Body, a conscious Body Architecture.

It’s a practice that increase the meaning to the movement, to the action,  having consciousness about ourselves in time and space and what we want to express at the same time we act.  This Practice is a training design for those who want to enhance and  want to have contact with a new approach in the investigation of their own movement,  providing instruments,  empowering the participants in their own creative skills,

And also letting them being comfortable with the discovery of their natural movement, energy, source, rhythm patterns. Movers always feel as a creators and developers, playing and improvising with their inner world and self-autonomy to communicate with themselves, with the partners and the audience.

More than sharing a bunch of exercises that proposes an execution, KEEP MOVING Practice is a Creative Physical State, that movers can accede in several professional contexts, like when we have to prepare a creative project, a spontaneous performance, give assistance to a director, write about own projects, create some with a musician, illuminator – that means take decisions in the creation.

Movers can achieve a new state of creative consciousness in present time.


KEEP MOVING Practical Program

Physical Awaken

A conscientious preparation will dictate the quality of the experience

Breathing; decoded meditation; silence; exercises that combine movement technique with awareness; listening the movement; warm up the center = Tan-Tien; energetic activation and access to the non-conscient with KATSUGEN; body parts activation through hands energy = YUKI; movement sequences that improve the rhythm and coordination.


Keeping the movement/ action with Consciousness

Maintenance in the action provides openness

Rhythms trip exploration; displacement and space recognition; taking advantage of the senses; attention and focus in the beginning, development and end of movement; fluid and continuous movements in repetition; monitoring and collaboration games; non-effort and non-resistant body.


The secret of the creative language emerge

Time and space to create own movements; time and space to explore the body in action; staying and merge with the rhythm; became the rhythm; playing; respecting what emerge; letting the movement guide; space here and now; finding movement intuition, confidence, intensity, velocity, dynamic; relate with the self-movement; relate with the movement of the others. Became the expression. Creation.

Connecting and Concluding

Dialogue about the inner experiences with the outer expression 

Reflections about the experience; questions of consciousness; how you felt the energetic body? What was your revolution or revelation? With what specific moment you stay? What was revealed? what was expressed?; Writing / documentation; rescue moments of meaning (“goldfishes”) to be experienced again / danced / evoked; awareness and sharing of each one´s potential. Progress/ Evolution.

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Target Audience

People that want to express themselves through the movement, artists, performers, actors, artistic directors, stage directors, teachers, but also people interested in the research connected with the movement, consciousness, maintenance, presence, exploration. People available and open to work with the physicality

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