The End.Off from mercedes boronat on Vimeo.


(Performance, 12-14 performers. In collaboration with VoArte, Lisbon – Coimbra, 2008)

The End. Off is conceived as a burial in which performers get rid of everything that is mentally and physically useless. This time, Mercedes Boronat’s proposal is a farewell ritual that will lead to purification. Purification is the action by which the body retakes its pureness, thus a ritual to give away all loads accumulated throughout life. It also implies examining the past and reaching a state free of impurities and frivolities.

In order to attain this pure condition, performers behave thoughtfully. There is only one object – a chair – that allows them into an initial stage of physical rest, which is the starting point of meditation. After some moments of deep thought, their bodies begin to liberate from trivialities, expectations, prejudices, and only then, through movement, the body-mind entity starts to open and the performer’s gestures becomes more explicit, rhythmically understable, less rigid, but not necessarily less abrupt. Movements are volatile, careful, harmonious to the process of every artist, yet above all they are free.

In the beginning every performer can only focus on his own ritual, and paradoxically behaves like a child discovering their own limitations and capabilities. Then, little by little, interactions occur between them, unveiling a metaphor of the human’s natural spiritual growth, in which we tend to look for unions with other beings. The performer’s attire accompanies this farewell to obsolete and unnecessary loads: the actors are dressed in black, representing mourning for a loss that, eventhough it is inevitable and liberating, it occupies a special place in their consciences, as it happens in the acceptance of any death.

The idea that stems from the performance is to Mercedes Boronat the need to detach from the past, even if only partially, in order to be able to live the present, and leave space for the future.



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