To Vibrate from mercedes boronat on Vimeo.


(Performance, 24 performers. Es Baluard, Palma de Mallorca, 2010)

To Vibrate is the culmination of Mercedes Boronat’s research on the field of Zen meditation. This meditation makes possible the enlargement of human awareness and the capacity of understanding one’s own existence. In relation to this discipline, Boronat’s assumption is that self-perception is altered by the everyday life’s stimuli, and that it is only possible to bring the awareness back to an essential and fundamental state only working on the mind and the body.

Thus, her work is based on the goal of attaining a balance between body and mind, and it is represented by the simultaneous meditation of 24 performers in a corridor of the Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani of Palma de Mallorca.

The action is based on breathing, as the bridge between the body, the mind and the frame of mind. Every performer breathes at his pace, although they generate a harmonious vibration that aims to have a positive influence on the visitors entering and leaving the center. Through breathing and body posture it is possible to improve one’s physical and mental state. Stimulated by meditation, those waves emitted by our body have the capacity of altering not only the inner side of the individuals, but also the people surrounding them. This is the ultimate goal of this performance: generating a positive atmosphere through vibrations coming from our meditation and aware breathing.

To sum up, this performance deals with the idea of movement as the driving force for transformation. This movement becomes more internal, invisible, although it keeps as powerful. The performers attain an aware but calm state that allows the visitor to feel their reserve of inner energy. The energy field generated by the group of performers contributes to social harmony, as those who come to the center to experience art share an intimate act.

[Producer To Vibrate: Danilo Pioli

WITH THE COLABORATION OF :Es Baluard – Museo de arte moderno y contemporáneo  y Quarter d’Intedència-Centro de Recursos de Creación Contemporánea de Palma de Mallorca.)

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